Federal Pharmacy - Lugano

  • Posted on: 13 November 2016
  • By: team

The Federal Pharmacy has been situated for over 40 years in Massagno, 90 Via San Gottardo. It was taken over in 2009 by the Chemist Carolina Conti, who was able to transform the company with her outstanding communication and professional skills, after having spotted and chosen the most interesting models of entrepreneurship.

The Pharmacy in fact offers a multidisciplinary and contemporary approach, which mixes technical and managing skills within modern pharmachology.

In this precise moment new social needs are arousing, therefore the Pharmacy has had to change its strategy in order to create new models such as sharing problems of all customers. It is necessary to understand the problems of every single customer to be able to help him. Carolina Conti has used a particular strategy to do this by studying anthropological and local territorial dynamics and adopting Micromarketing techniques (Geomarketing), in order to spot targets, lifestyle and potential consumption, taking into consideration resident and non resident population.

Going into the Federal Pharmacy you find wide classy premises. The beauty of the shop and the highly professional team, formed by Carolina, Tiziana and Paola, harmonize with the branding project and the pleasant commercial layout.

The accuracy in exposing the products reflects the needs of the customers. Requested products can be easily seen and found, as if the customer was browsing through the pages of a catalogue with great variety of goods and choice. It is easy to move around and find what you are looking for, as graphics and signs are clear and thoroughly reflect the Pharmacy promotional politics.

The Federal Pharmacy is a territorial multifunctional centre where to buy products, but also to get to know latest wellness, cure, remedy trends and to find advise and support according to your needs.